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Dear Kris,

Just a short note to tell you how much Rusty and I appreciate all your help getting the house. We never thought that we could realize our dream of home ownership but you made it all easy for us. Thanks for your guidance and patience in the process of finding what we wanted, securing finance, and closing the deal. We could not have done it without all you hard work on our behalf. We are very pleased with the house and the way it all worked out for which we are forever in your debt. If we ever need a realtor in the future we would not hesitate to call.
Yours Truely,

Ken Earnest Rusty Salazar
Letters from our customers
My wife and I have worked with Kris for years on residential projects around South Austin. She has been instrumental in facilitating our success. Anyone looking for a realtor to work with will find Kris to be a strong and tireless advocate.

- Gail B. Armstrong
Off the Wall, offthewallaustin.com

When I started looking for my first house, I was very hesitant to decide on a Realtor. After meeting Kris through a friend, we hit it off from day one. I appreciated Kris' sense of humor, her caring nature and love of Austin. I knew I found the agent I was hoping for, and my stress level went way down. Kris helped my friend find a house in short order, but I needed more time to find the right house within my budget. Kris was very accepting and patient with my needs. Her priority was what I wanted, so I felt more and more confident working with Kris.

Kris was always there to give me an option to check into whether it was a townhouse, new housing development or an older house in another neighborhood. I actually enjoyed viewing houses with Kris. It was like an adventure to check things out, and Kris has a keen eye and ear for seeing the good and bad. I was struck by Kris' fondness for food, dogs, nature (esp. trees) and fitness. I love all those things, so I thought this was great. I learned a lot about Austin being around Kris.

I can't imagine finding a better agent than Kris. She handled all the offers and negotiations with aplomb and got me into the house I was searching for. I really respect her business sense and fair play. Kris is very competent and has a winning attitude. I recommend her highly for anyone starting the process or anyone frustrated with another agent. Go see Kris at Eva Street Properties!

Rich R.
Austin, TX

After my husband died in 1997, Kris Hyatt helped me with the difficult task of locating a house long-distance, since I and my girls were living at the time in Charleston, SC. Kris went out of her way to scope out the neighborhoods I was interested in, and even videotaped prospective houses at a time when that was still somewhat uncommon. In the end, I did purchase one of the houses she showed to me this way, and even signed the papers before I actually physically walked through the doors. Kris was always kind and very attentive to my needs.

- Hillary
Kris Hyatt helped us find our first residential investment property. We could not have asked for better service. On our second weekend, we looked at four properties in a single day. We knew immediately that one of the four was the property for us. That same evening, Kris helped us make an offer to the seller. Kris's rapid, professional, and savvy assistance helped us get the jump on two more offers which came in the next day. Thanks to Kris, we got a jump on the competition and we were able to buy a great piece of property at a very reasonable price. She helped us every step of the way and made sure we got all our bases covered: contract terms, inspections, mortgage company, insurance, all the bases.

We can't thank you enough Kris!
Bertha and Ken Gaede
(and that ain't no gushing - just the facts)

When my great aunt passed away at the respectful age of 95 and my family was faced with selling her home, Kris Hyatt was much more than a realtor for us. She was a real blessing. Her handling of this transaction was fast, smooth and worry free, all the while Kris being sensitive to our loss and the history of my great aunt's house. My family is very grateful to Kris for her help and support. She gave us more than she had too.

- Patricia K. Partridge

As first time home buyers we needed someone who would really listen to us and do some hand-holding throughout the process. Kris came to our rescue,
armed us with information, and helped us find the home we'd been hoping for within a matter of weeks. She is smart,
energetic, fun to be around, and fights for her clients at every turn.

- Alice and Ben


Just wanted to thank you for your all your hard work and determination in selling our duplex. It got a little hairy there for awhile, and I really appreciate your sticking with it even though certain people were hard to deal with!

I'm very pleased that your business is taking off. It's scary to start your own business, but since you were almost working for yourself anyway, I guess it's not as bad. When I see all the crap my employers have to go through though, I'm amazed anyone would want their own business. But since you don't have to worry about employees, (yet!) it can't be as bad.

Having the duplex sold has been a tremendous weight lifted off. Even though I knew it was a heavy load on my mind, I didn't realize how deeply it was affecting me. I am so relieved!

So again, my sincerest thanks for your perseverance to get the house sold. I will gladly recommend your services whenever I can.

- Debra


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